Princess castle cake, Mini cake Cars, Thomas and friends, mini cup cake power puff girl, Ben10 – PUTRI

1. budget 100rb, cakenya Oh iya cakenya princess Belle ya mbak
2. Minicake CARS Rp 13500
3. Minicake Thomas and friends minicake Rp 15000 jumlah 1 pcs  merah aja
4. Mini cupcakes edible Rp 6000 non packing : 10 pcs Power puff girls, 7 pcs edible Ben 10, 8 pcs edible cars (total 25 pcs) warna warni
5. mini cupcakes non edible Rp 6000 bertuliskan : HAPPY BDAY PUTRI 8 TH (17 pcs)

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